We believe that women are the neck of the family. Without the neck, the head cannot move so women play a very important role in the family and in church. Our women fellowship is on a unique journey, giving of ourselves continually. While pouring out to others, we also take time to pour into our souls. CSMC Glory of God women's fellowship provides multiple ways for each female member and visitor to connect with a variety of women spiritually, emotionally and socially as we grow in Christ and with each other together. Let us help you experience God through the seed-planting , growth and harvest seasons of your life. Come and be refreshed at Women's Fellowship where you can --Study to show yourself approved ---Participate in activities that will draw you closer to God --- Build relationships that honor Jesus We also implore our women to join the prayer line every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm for prayer and fellowship. The C&S Movement Glory of God also invites female members and visitors to join the different bands we have under the Women Fellowship which are: ---Elizabeth Band ---Esther Band ---Mary Band ----Deborah Band Please feel free to reach out to church representatives/band leaders to ask about the values and missions of these bands as you join. Omishore . Mother Lawal -secretary Times of service - Prayer group 8-9

Women's Ministry Leadership

Special Mother in Israel
Ololade Omishore
Captain, Women's Fellowship
Senior Mother in Israel
Beverly MClean
Elizabeth Band Captain
Most Senior Mother in Israel
ProphetessBisi Alomaja
CSMC District Supervising Prophetess and Daniel Band Captain)
Most Senior Mother in Israel
Fola Soetan
Esther Band Captain
Most Mother in Israel
Modupe Lawal
Mary Band Captain